Sharing Palettes with Adobe Products

Sharing Palettes with Adobe Products

The free version of SwatchMatic lets you share palettes as images or text. If you want to get your colors into PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc., you can always share the palette as a text file, then copy/paste the individual color values from it into the Adobe application. This process works, but it’s a bit time consuming.

The pro version lets you shoot palettes straight into Adobe applications by sharing an Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) file instead of a plain text file. The advantage is that your palette appears instantly in Adobe applications ( Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks, and Flash Professional) with no copying or pasting of values. The color names — the fun part of SwatchMatic — come across as well.

Follow the steps below to export a SwatchMatic palette to an Adobe application:

  1. In SwatchMatic, touchic_action_listoric_action_galleryto go to either the palette list or gallery view.
  2. If in the list view, long press to bring up the action menu and touch “Export Adobe Swatch Exchange file”. If in the gallery view, touchic_action_share and do the same.
  3. Android then presents you with a list of applications and services capable of sharing the file:
    export_09The list will vary depending on what version of Android you’re running and what applications you’ve installed. You want to choose an application or service that will make it simple to get the ASE file onto the desktop computer running your Adobe applications. We recommend installing and using Dropbox on both your PC and handset, as it makes sharing files from handet to PC simple and almost instantaneous. You could also simply e-mail the ASE file to yourself, then open it as an attachment on your PC. The point is, there are many ways to get the file onto your PC.
  4. Once the ASE file is on your PC, then you can open it in the Adobe applications mentioned above. These applications all have their own documentation describing how to import ASE files, but, as an example, here’s  the steps below describe how to import a SwatchMatic ASE file into OSX Illustrator 6.0:
    • Click Windows>Swatches to open the Swatches pane (if necessary).
    • Click the rightmost corner of the Swatches pane to open its dropdown menu and click Open Swatch Library>Other Library . . . A file chooser dialog appears.
    • Navigate to the ASE file you transferred above and open it. The imported SwatchMatic palette will appear on its own swatch pane inside Illustrator, with palette and color names intact:AI_palette_ssYou can follow a similar process inside other Adobe applications that support ASE files.

It all sounds a bit long-winded here, but try it and you’ll see that the process is very fast — much faster than copying/pasting individual color values from a shared text file. In a matter of seconds, you can get your colors from your handset into an Adobe applications, then start making use of them to design your next creation.


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