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Thanks for trying out SwatchMatic. This brief guide will walk you through the app’s workflow — from capturing colors, to mixing them, to sharing them.

First, let’s start with an overview.

What is SwatchMatic?

Think of it as a point-and-shoot palette maker, or a color picker for real world objects. It let’s you quickly build palettes on the fly using seed colors provided by Mother Nature herself.

Point your mobile’s camera at a color you like and SwatchMatic tells you the color’s name (in multiple languages) and all the values you need to recreate it, plus it gives you five other colors that nicely match it. (It’s a bit like a “Terminator” eye that augments reality with color data rather than enemy soft spots.)

You can choose how SwatchMatic finds matching colors (complements, analogs, triads, etc. — and don’t worry if you don’t know what those are yet).


Capturing colors in analog mode (sampled color plus similar colors).


Capturing colors in the complement mode (sampled color and two similar colors, plus opposite color and two colors similar to it).

Capturing colors in triad mode (sample color and similar color plus the two colors 120 degrees in either direction on the color wheel and a color similar to each).

Capturing colors in triad mode (sampled color and one similar color, plus two colors at +/-120 degrees on the color wheel and colors similar to each). It’s simply a triangle of colors on the color wheel and a color similar to each point on that triangle.

Once you’ve captured your colors, you can tweak any of the them using easy to use sliders. There’s no color you can’t make.

Editing the colors in a palette.

Editing the colors in a palette.

And, once you’re happy with the combination of colors you’ve created — your palette — you can share it as an image featuring loveable robots all dressed up in your colors, or (in the pro version) as Adobe Swatch Exchange files so they can easily be used in design applications like Illustrator and Photoshop. You can also export palettes as simple text for easy sharing with printing services, paint suppliers, etc.

A robot ready for sharing.

A robot palette ready for sharing.

Table of Contents

This documentation (like all documentation) is a work in progress, but the sections shown below are complete, or very nearly so. Please click on any of them to continue on.


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