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You need colors — for your website, your company logo, your wedding, your kitchen makeover. SwatchMatic helps you capture, combine and share them.

Video : See SwatchMatic in action.

  • " . . . Really fun to use. SwatchMatic will give your color palette a name and uses a funky robot to show it off. . . . If you’re doing any sort of remodeling or decorating, get this app now."

    Jamie & Adam's Tested (the "Mythbusters guys")

  • "Matching the colors on larger items you can't tote into stores or around town can sometimes be difficult — especially when it's something like your walls or furnishings. If you love color matching and coordination, then SwatchMatic is the app for you."


  • "Ever spotted a colour that you want to preserve for some project or another? The app has multiple uses, whether you’re a designer or perhaps just looking for a colour to paint your kitchen. Additionally, it’s great to use and features a very cool UI . . ."

    Android Tapp

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    See a color you like. Grab it.

    Your Android phone's lens becomes a "Terminator" eye that tells you the name of any color you point it at and all the values you'll need to recreate it later

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    Automatically find the best matches.

    In realtime, SwatchMatic also shows you colors that nicely match the color you're sampling. Find analogs, complements, or triads, even the dominant colors in the scene. Once you're happy with the combo, just touch to save it as a palette. Your swatch book is always with you.

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    Are you a tweaker? Tweak colors all you like. Right on your handset.

    Easy sliders let you subtly edit the individual colors in the palette.

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    Export your colors straight to PhotoShop or Illustrator (NEW for the pro version!).

    With just one touch, you can share color palettes as Adobe Swatch Exchange files, complete with color names.

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    Also share your colors as images or plain text.

    Share images of lovable robots wearing your colors. Or, export out all the names and color values (in RGB, HSV, and HEX notation) as simple text for reuse anywhere — in other applications, at the paint store, the printing bureau, wherever.